Following death, the psychological and physiological response of the bereaved can seem overwhelming and omnipresent, engulfing without warning or invitation. The work aims to make manifest through visual interpretation, how through traumatic experience, an individual’s perception and judgment can detach its self from reality. The process of grief places its quarry within a desolate and abstruse state of mind, where normality becomes distant.

Using collodion emulsions, analogue and digital methods within each image, the spatial layers inhabit disparate worlds, separated by time and process. Unconnected junctures merge into one, as the equilibrium between reality and notion is challenged.  When dealing with loss, the gulf between the specific event and present moment gradually widens, forcing a human desire – perhaps, imperative - to search for some kind of relief or explanation, often beyond the seemingly rational or intelligible. This state of mind beyond corporeality brings closer another concept, a mental belief of being able to maintain and interrupt times tide. The displacement of memories, an attempt to recycle and relive the past, is depicted within the images through association with energy, sources, which routinely reclaim that which has been given, in a perpetual cycle of resurrection.