About Sacha

Photography copyright Sacha Ferrier

The focus of my work is the human desire to search. At times imperative in bringing about relief or explanation often beyond the seemingly rational or intelligible juxtaposed against normality.   

I have a fascination with time and memory, a fear of loss through time and repression of memories. The photographic image pinpoints a moment, which once preserved within the boundaries of the frame is pulled from reality. My early work focussed on loss through objects, which promote memory, taking mundane everyday items and positioning them within still life compositions, the objects suddenly became more then just their intended purpose, but a link between the past and present.

Of recent I have began to focus on time and the moment, attempting to carry a captured occasion into another time frame by combining images. The aim is to link moments, making the join difficult to separate, creating a new occasion separate from the first.

By using Collodion, large format and digital, I am able to push and pull images back and forth, making placement vexed and reality questionable. 

Sacha is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about  availability: